Definition of Yellow Heart: Well the emoji is “expressions of happiness and friendship” also relating
to where Yellow Heart derives from Manipura: the natural element fire and directly linked to your
sense of self. This energy centre is associated with your self-esteem, sense of purpose, personal
identity and individual will. When I was studying aromatherapy I discovered I was finding my sense of
self and personal identity and this fire in my belly rose, when ever I am blending and gifting people
with essential oil or any gift I feel I am living my purpose. So came the name Yellow Heart.


Definition of Collective: “made by a number of people acting as a group”


So we are the collective. Aromatherpist, artists, candle makers, workshop hosts, customers and
clients we together become a collective working together making people smile with new ideas, smells,
learning and the art of giving.


What we do:
Aromatherapy: We offer Aromatherapy massage, and specific blends.
Natural Products: In house products made in Australia with pure therapeutic grade essential oil,
natural organic products.
Art and Clay: Local artists artwork, clay wall hangings, clay mugs, bowls, planters and accent pieces.
All local artists and Australian made.
Candles: Hand poured in Sydney Australia.
Gift Boxes: For all occasions delivered anywhere you need.
Floristry: Coming soon delivered to Gold Coast and Brisbane locations.
Workshops: Interior Design workshops on creating your own soul space, aromatherapy product
making workshops, retreat days and weekends …… to come floristry bouquet workshops.