YH All Natural Body Moisturise - Feel nourished and moisturised with this all natural body moisturiser. Including essential oils Grapefruit and Ginger to give you a zing in your step.  The cold pressed oils nourish your skin and they include Almond oil, Coconut oil, Avocado oil and Vitamin E oil. Ginger is the oil of initiative, self confidence and accomplishment. Ginger essential oil will assit to drive the great ideas into fruition. It is known to invoke and enhance the inner vital fire restoring and exhilarating achievement. Grapefruit is the oil to disperse, lighten and revive. Grapefruit essential oil is cleansing , clarifying and refreshing allowing us to perceive and accept realistic goals. It promotes a lightness of spirit and eases hunger for immediate satisfaction. Almond oil is both a moisturizer and an emollient assisting with Stretch marks,and may assist with signs of ageing.  


Ingredients: Grapefruit essential oil, Ginger essential oil, Springwater, phytocide elderberry, emulsifying wax, Almond oil, babusso butter, Vitamin E, Coconut oil, Avocado oil.

Body moisturiser

  • Nourish all of your body for a beautiful hydration all over the body.  Stop using if you find you have any irritations.