• So Smooth Coffee, coconut oil and Shea butter scrub 210 grams $16.00
    plus postage

    Feel amazing and smooth after enjoying the aroma of coffee, cinnamon
    and vanilla and shea butter and coconut oil that have been used to make
    this detoxifying, skin firming and smoothing body scrub.

    Caffeine in the scrub is what supposedly helps reduce cellulite.  I don’t
    claim that this scrub will reduce cellulite (though that would be an added
    bonus) but I will tell you that coffee and coconut oil are rich in antioxidants,
    which are very beneficial for the skin.

    Shea butter is full of all its own amazing benefits of nourishment and
    smoothing. High concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins make shea butter an ideal
    cosmetic ingredient for softening skin. Shea butter also has anti-inflammatory and healing
    properties. Using shea butter on your skin, can condition, tone, and soothe your skin.

    Coffee Body Scrub

    • Always keep in a cool space out of the sun. 

      Ensure you close the products up firmly to stop them from drying out.