• Feel pretty and empowered wearing our flower girl pure essential oil blend.  The pure essential oils in this lovingly made blend empower and fortify the spirit enhancing the vitality of your day.  Geranium will bring a calm strength and security with its exotic floral and slightly spicy aroma being attractive to all as it nourishes the feminine creativity. Assisting the imagination, intuition, and senses to flow.  Bergamot assists in releasing and creating spontaneity and optimism to live in the moment.  Balancing the bodies energy.  Cedar wood is restoring unwavering determination with its woody balsamic aroma.  Assisting all to see the positive and derive strength and wisdom from all situations.  Packaged with a scroll to share the benefits of this beautiful blend. It’s the perfect gift for yourself and a friend .

    Flower Girl Blend

    • Always keep in a cool space out of the sun. 

      Ensure you close the products up firmly to stop them from drying out.