LEMON the oil of Focus it nourishes the mind and aids concentration. The crisp scent of Lemon oil improves ones ability to focus it teaches individuals to be mentally present by focusing one thing at a time. Lemon restores energy mental flexibility and the drive to complete a project. White Fir for cutting through any negative thought patterns and to create healthy patterns new pathways and spiritual protection Juniper Berry offers courage and energy and restores balance between conscious and subconscious. It acts as a guide on the path to wholeness. Juniper berry encourages the beauty of self awareness and courage to be your true self.
PATCHOULI is the oil of physicality and supports individuals to become fully present in their physical body. It is grounding and stabilizing. Patchouli will help you feel more grounded and fluid. This oil calms fears and nervous tension creating peace and focus.

I am Focused

  • Always keep in a cool place out of the sun. 

    Ensure you close the products up firmly to stop them from drying up.