Yellow Heat Natural Toner
Refreshing and cleansing we use dandelion tea, apple cider vinegar, jojoba oil, lavender
hydrosol, solubiliser, helichysum essential oil, lavender essential oil, lemon grass essential
oil and tea tree oil essential oil.

Dandelion tea, may assist to sooth and help diminish a variety of skin
conditions including eczema and acne when applied topically. In addition,
as it is rich in superoxide dismutase – an enzyme necessary for the
production of healthy skin cells – dandelion tea may also be effective in
fighting the appearance of aging.

Lavender Hydrosol:
Lavender Essential oil Lavendula officinalis: Is valuable for most skin
conditions since it promotes growth of new cells and exerts a balancing
action on sebum. I has pronounced healing effect on burns and sunburn
and helpful in cases of acne, eczema and psoriasis. Lavender has a
beautiful soothing effect on the spirit relieving and calming.
Lemon Grass Essential oil Cymbopogon citratus: Toning to the skin an
may assist with open pores. Balancing oily skin conditions Lemongrass
has a stimulating reviving and energising effect on the mind.
Tea Tree Oil Essential oil Melaleuca alternifolia: Known for its anti bacterial
properties It is a cleansing and tonifying.

Toner 60 ml